Construction Management

As part of our full service business model, Levy Realty Advisors offers expert oversight of construction projects as an additional service for specific projects related to the day-to-day operation of the properties we manage. Every lease we complete that requires tenant improvements done by the landlord is handled by our staff to further relieve landlords of the difficulties related to retaining and attracting quality tenants. Not only do we enhance our marketing efforts by procuring custom “as built” floor plans, but we often help property owners realize that their spaces have more rentable square footage than previously thought. If tenants require preliminary drawings and space planning in order to move forward with a lease, we provide PDF and CAD files. When tenants don’t know where to turn for construction management oversight and put pressure on landlords to fill that role, Levy Realty Advisors steps in to assist all parties with coordinating the contractors, planning the work, and overseeing the improvements to the space. For large scale capital improvement projects, we also provide customized support so property owners can feel confident when hiring the right teams to improve their properties.

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